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‘First Pour’ at Mahackeno (photos, video)

Leaders from the Y’s volunteer governing boards, staff and construction partners gathered at the Y’s Mahackeno campus on Friday, Apr. 5, to witness a milestone achievement in the construction of the new Y facility. Shortly after 10 am, the first cement truck arrived at the building site to pour concrete for the foundation of the 54,000 sq. ft. facility soon to rise from its scenic setting overlooking the Saugatuck River as it flows into Lees Pond, just north of downtown Westport. (Click on this link to our Y blog to see the latest photo gallery.)

“This has been a very long saga of a wonderful vision and the striving to attain that vision,” said Steve Halstead, a member of the Y’s Construction Committee, the group of community volunteers who are helping guide the construction a modern new home for the Westport Weston Family Y at the Y’s 32-acre Mahackeno property, longtime home of its summer day camp.

“Here we are, on April 5, 2013, 10-plus years on our campaign to build what matters, and we are finally seeing this building coming out of the ground,” said Halstead, a veteran volunteer for a number of community building projects, including Bedford Middle School and the rebuilding of Staples High School.

“This is a real milestone — the real beginning of the fruition of the vision of our Family Y for the next 50, 100 years,” added a beaming Halstead (click here for video).

That future began today, Friday, April 5, 2013, with the first “100 yards” of concrete being poured to form the foundation of the new Westport Weston Family Y.

Since site preparation work began in late January, the building site has been transformed. Work crews first cleared the 6-acre building site of trees and brush. As excavation of the foundation has proceeded, the site has effectively become a materials processing “factory” in which excavated material is turned into separate piles of topsoil, crushed rock and other materials to be re-used on-site. The creation of what Turner Construction calls a “balanced site” means that truck traffic leaving and entering the site is limited, minimizing the impact to local roads.

Foundation work will continue over the coming weeks, after which the steel framework for the full-service Y facility will be erected.

Further details about the construction project and capital campaign to fund it may be found at at this link on our website. The new Y is scheduled to open in November 2014.

First Pour