7th Grade Membership

Free memberships for Westport & Weston 7th Graders! The Family Y would like to help our youth choose a lifestyle that includes physical activity, character values and community involvement. The Westport Weston Family Y is proud to offer the 7th Grade Membership Initiative as a way to better engage, educate and connect to our youth, right when they need it most. With this membership, 7th graders have access to the basketball gyms, pool, fitness center, group expercise classes and spinning classes. The Y also offers other activities such as Youth Nights, special events and volunteer opportunities.
To activate Your Free membership, bring to the Family Y:
•Your school ID or report card
•A parent or guardian
Then, complete a few forms and begin using your membership right away.

Sign up for our orientations:
•Three FitLinxx® orientations (individual) to learn how to use the Fitness Center safely
•One facility orientation (group) to tour the Family Y and find out about all that is available to Youth Members
This program is funded by generous donors to the Strong Kids Campaign.

7th Grade Membership Brochure

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More 7th grade membership information


Youth/Teen Fitness

At the Westport Weston Family Y we offer a variety of programs and classes for youth/teens to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.Whether you participate in team sports, want to become more active, learn the proper way to workout or just want to have fun exercising with your friends we welcome you. Our strength training program provides proper supervision and guidance to promote physical fitness as well as a positive self image.The benefits are improved sports performance, injury prevention,and increased strength, cardiovascular and flexibility.

Youth Fitness

Wellnes Center Youth Policy
The Westport Weston Family Y is committed to providing health and wellness opportunities for all ages. To ensure the safety of our members, the following policies will apply for youth ages 10 through 14.
Ages 10 - 13 Must complete the following program and be accompanied by a parent or guardian to work out in the wellness center.
Youth/Teen Strength Training

Ages 14 and up
Teens ages 14 and up are allowed to use the fitness facility after they have completed three Fitlinxx orientations.

Youth/Teen Fitness

Youth Strength Training
Speed and Agility Training

  Personal Fitness Training
In Shape for Special Needs