Parent/Child Swim Classes (Ages 6-48 Months with parent)

The primary objective of these classes is to acquaint both parent and child to the aquatic environment. They are designed for the child to have fun in the water, learn basic propulsive movements and personal safety under the guidance of his or her parent. Children also learn independence in the water which will prepare them for lessons without parents.
(Ages 6-18 Months with Parent)

Introduces parents with infants to a safe aquatic environment, providing a positive hands-on experience for both. Skills such as blowing bubbles, kicking, floating and limited arm movements are introduced. All skills are done with parent holding infant at all times. This is a wonderful opportunity to build a trusting relationship with your child while participating in an enjoyable physical activity.

(Ages 19-36 Months with Parent)

In the Inia level we encourage a child’s independence using various types of flotation supports. Proper body movements along with kicking, floating, blowing bubbles and jumping into the water are taught. Parent role modeling is highly recommended for a child at this age. Your child will learn from repetition and a trusting, patient parent. This is a great place to share new experiences and interact with everyone in the class.

Pike I
(Ages 3-5 Years with Parent)

An extension of the Perch class for 3- to 5-year-olds. It encourages self-esteem along with independence. It teaches the basic swimming techniques and prepares the child for classes without parents. Please note: some Pike classes may be combined with Perch classes.


Preschool Swim Lessons

Preschool Swim Lessons (Ages 3-5 without parent) These classes are designed to improve on basic swimming skills, introduce rotary breather and the crawl stroke, increase endurance and emphasize water safety. Class participants are divided into skill levels and class size is such that the instructor can provide children with individual attention. Parents do not attend.
Pike II
Instructors will focus on getting swimmers acclimated to the water, balancing in the water without a flotation device and maneuvering through the water using a barbell.

Instructors will focus on refining body position in the water, stroke development on the front and back and being able to swim 15 feet without a flotation device.

Swimmers will no longer be wearing flotation devices at this level and instructors will teach them to swim 20 feet unassisted using the front, back and side stroke.

Swimmers will learn how to swim the full length of the pool unassisted using the front, back and side stroke. The instructors will also focus on teaching level body positions, rhythmic breathing and rotary head movement.

Designed for those swimming at the highest level for this age group. Rotary breathing, breaststroke kick, backstroke, and side stroke are covered.


Youth Swim Classes

Youth Swim Classes (Ages 6-12 without parent) Each skill level builds upon the preceding level, with seven levels covering all strokes, diving fundamentals and safety skills. Children learn at their own pace and progress to the next level when they can proficiently and safely perform the appropriate skills.
Specially designed for children who still need full assistance in the pool. Water adjustment, basic elements of floating and gliding, rhythmic breathing and paddle stroke for the beginner swimmer.

Specially designed for children who may still need some assistance in the pool. Swimmers will learn how to swim 15 yards with minimal assistance, master rhythmic breathing and be introduced to rotary breathing techniques.

Specially designed for children who can swim without assistance. Swimmers will learn how to complete 1-2 lengths in the pool without stopping, master the breast stroke and be introduced to over-arm recovery and the flutter kick.

Specially designed for children who can swim without assistance. Swimmers will learn how to swim each stoke (breast, front, back and side) 50 yards without stopping and be introduced to open turns and the dolphin kick.

Flying Fish
Specially designed for children who can swim without assistance. Swimmers will learn how to swim each stroke (breast, front, back and side) 100 yards without stopping, refine open-turns and pull-outs, and be introduced to the butterfly stroke.

Specially designed for children who can swim without assistance. Swimmers will learn how to swim each stroke (breast, butterfly, front, back and side) for up to 200 yards without stopping, master starts, flip turns, and complete a 200 individual medley.


Special Needs Instruction

If your child cannot be mainstreamed in a group-swimming lesson, please contact Nicole Turechek, Aquatics Director, at 203-226-8981, ext. 128 for information about alternative options at the Family Y to help your child learn to swim. Click on "More Information" for details about our AquaFins Therapeutic Swim Program for children with special needs.
At the Westport Weston Family Y, we pride ourselves on being an organization that provides access for all members of our community. To meet that goal, we’re happy to introduce AquaFins, a NEW five-week swim program specifically designed for children with special needs, ages 6 to 14.

The Y's AquaFins Therapeutic Swim Lesson Program will be held in our Brophy Pool and is open to Y Members and non-members. The first session will begin June 30 and will comprise two 40-minute classes a week, through August 1. To ensure proper grouping and the best experience for everyone, all children will be given a swimming assessment before registration.


June 30-August 1
Group 1: Monday & Wednesday
1-1:40 pm
Group 2: Monday & Wednesday
1:45-2:25 pm
Ages: 6-14 years

Y Members: $160
Non-members: $185

To schedule your assessment and then to register, please contact Nicole Turechek, Aquatic Director at 203-226-8981, ext.128; .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Our AquaFins Coordinator is Stevi Giurco, who can be reached at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Private, one-on-one lessons are also available upon request. For more information about Aquafins or other swim-lesson programs offered by the Y, please contact Nicole or Stevi!


Pre-Competitive and Team Swimming

The Westport Weston Family Y Water Rat Swim Team is a year-round, nationally recognized competitive swim program organized and operated by the Aquatics Department of the Westport Weston Family Y. The Westport Weston Family Y has been part of the fabric of community life in Westport since it opened its doors in 1923. Consistent with the Y's mission, the team focuses on building strong kids, strong families and strong communities.
The Water Rat Swim Team competes in Y competition at the local level through dual meets and at the state and national level. The team is also a registered USA Swimming Team sanctioned by Connecticut Swimming, Inc. and competes in USA competitive swimming at the local, regional, state, zone and national level. The Westport Weston Family Y Water Rat Swim Team embraces a team philosophy that commits it to develop the highest level of competitive excellence for every swimmer, while simultaneously encouraging spirit, honesty, team pride, personal commitment and individual growth.