Collaborations & Partnerships

Collaborations & Partnerships

imageOur Community Partners

Our Family Y is not just a “home-away-from-home” full of opportunities for hundreds of local families, it’s also a gathering place for the whole community.

• Since our founding in 1923, we’ve taught more than 33,000 local kids and adults how to swim. To further enhance water safety, in 2012 we partnered with Stew Leonard III Children’s Charities and The ZAC Foundation on a variety of special aquatics camps and programs.

• For the past 35 years, the Family Y has hosted weekly swim, gym and other activities for individuals with special needs served by Our Vision;

• In collaboration with Norwalk Hospital, our Cancer Survivors Program provides cancer patients with 3-month free memberships and customized programs to support recovery;

• Our Family Y makes free memberships and camp scholarships available for Westport's Department of Human Services and Weston's Social Services to utilize as they work with the 1,200 local families identified as in need;

• We provide opportunities for adults with special needs to work or volunteer at our Family Y and make possible weekly swim, gym and other activities for individuals with special needs served by the Our Vision non-profit agency;

• In collaboration with Norwalk Hospital’s Whittingham Cancer Center and Smilow Family Breast Health Center, our Cancer Survivors Program provides individuals in various stages of cancer treatment with 3-month free memberships and customized programming to support recovery;

• Through the Jump Start program administered by Westport’s Department of Human Services, adults take part in parenting workshops, while their children are cared for by Family Y Child Care teachers;

• We provide memberships for at-risk youth served by A Better Chance and Project Return programs;

• Kids from Bridgeport swim at the Y courtesy of the Horizons program, run through Greens Farms Academy;

• The formerly homeless men now living in the Gillespie Center are able to use the Family Y for free through our partnership with Homes With Hope;

• We offer special events and programming for military veterans and offer free membership for families of active-duty servicemen and women;

• Our Family Y is a longtime sponsor of SpinOdyssey, which raises money for breast cancer research; at the 2011 event, the Family Y team was the leading fundraising group, contributing $72,000 of the $500,000 raised;

• The Family Y is a member organization of Weston Community Service Coalition, which engages in community service to promote such service to and by the people of Weston.

• We enjoy a close and effective relationship with the American Red Cross, collaborating on programs such as lifeguard certification classes, sponsoring blood drives and lending support during local emergencies, such as the Nor’easter that impact our community in March, 2010;

• In April, 2011, our Family Y teamed with Al’s Angels, which raises funds to combat childhood cancer, by co-sponsoring and hosting the first 24 Hours of Laps Swim Marathon.

Read more about our impact on the Westport and Weston communities: Community Impact 2014 pdf