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Membership cards

imageMembership cards with bar-codes are issued to all members. Members must always bring their membership card when using the Family Y. All members must bring cards and pass through the bar-code reader at the Service Desk to enter the Family Y.

Non-member guests MUST bring a valid picture ID and purchase a guest pass to use the Family Y.

The entrance to the Family Y is located on Church Lane. The Family Y reserves the right to deny admittance to anyone without a valid Family Y membership card. Members allowing the use of their membership card by others are subject to revocation of membership.

General Rules of Conduct

The Family Y is a membership organization that values caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. In joining, members subscribe to Family Y policies and are expected to abide by the following guidelines and other rules as posted in the building.

When families are present at the Family Y or the Mahackeno Outdoor facility, parents are responsible for the supervision of their children unless the children are enrolled in a scheduled, supervised activity. Parents are expected to help enforce Family Y rules.

Membership suspension/revocation
Membership may be revoked or suspended if members engage in vandalism, theft, unnecessary physical roughness in sports or activities, use obscene language while at the Family Y, or act in an abusive or intimidating manner to other members or staff.

Staff are responsible for enforcing Family Y guidelines and have the right to bar members from the facility/program for violation of rules. Suspension or revocation of membership privileges will occur only after consultation with the chief executive officer or his/her designee. No refunds of fees will be made for revoked or suspended memberships.

Proper Attire
Athletic shoes and attire are required for fitness and recreational activities. Members are asked not to wear athletic shoes or boots directly from the street into exercise areas. Black soled shoes and non-athletic footwear are not allowed on the courts, gym floors, or in the Fitness Center. No rollerblades, except in authorized programs, may be used in the building. Coats and street clothes must be stored in the locker rooms.

The Family Y is not responsible for lost or stolen valuables. Personal locks may be used while participants are in the building, but must be removed daily. At the Bedford/Weeks Complex, lockers for valuables are available near the service desk. Kit lockers are also for rent. There are also mini-lockers available in the MLR & WLR. These are token operated and free of charge. Tokens available at the Membership Services Desk.

Lost & Found
The Family Y will hold lost and found articles for five days. If unclaimed, they will be given to needy families or worthwhile charities.

Equipment may be taken out at the Member Services Desk (Bedford/Weeks complex) with a membership card and deposit.

Responsibilities & Accident Insurance
The Family Y does not carry medical/accident insurance. Risks are assumed by the user of the facility and program participants.

No alcoholic beverages are permitted.

Food is allowed in the Weeks Pavilion lounge area only.

No smoking
Smoking is prohibited on all Y property.

YMCA of the USA "AWAY" Program
Members of the Westport Weston Family Y may visit other Y's participating in the "AWAY" (Always Welcome At the Y) program. Each Y sets its own policy, but most honor out-of state Y membership gratis, and in-state for a reduced fee. An AWAY sticker is now imprinted on your membership card. In addition, reciprocal relationships have been established with all of the Y's in Connecticut.

Registering for Recreation, Fitness, Aquatic & Enrichment Programs
All classes have ongoing registration on a first come first served basis. See our program brochure for complete details of swim registration procedure. Most Family Y programs require the participants to be members of the Family Y. Program registration will not be accepted unless membership is current and extends through the end of the program.

Membership Application