image The Westport Weston Family Y has been an enduring presence in Westport for nearly a century. This venerable social service institution has served as the nexus of community life - a true community center - since 1923.

For these 90 years the Family Y has enriched the entire community by developing and nurturing the potential of its youth, promoting healthy living and fostering a sense of social responsibility. The values represented by the Family Y today - Caring, Respect, Responsibility and Honesty - are those espoused by Edward T. Bedford, Westport businessman and philanthropist, when he founded the Family Y.

The Family Y serves all. No one is turned away for capacity to pay or ability to play. The Family Y is a volunteer-governed charitable organization that is more than a collection of programs and activities - more than a gymnasium and a swimming pool. The Y benefits everybody in our community, whether they use the facility or not, by keeping our children and teens active and involved in socially productive activities.

The Family Y is more just a "home-away-from-home" for our members. It's also a welcoming place for those whose specific needs are cared for by the many local organizations the Y partners with in service to our community. Helping to ensure that our neighbors with special needs become active participants in our society is something that benefits us all.

The Family Y is part of a worldwide movement of YMCAs serving over 30 million people in 130 countries. Together the YMCAs in this country make up the largest non-profit community service organization in America.

Welcome to the Westport Weston Family Y!

To view a timeline of Family Y history, including our campaign to fund and construct a new Family Y facility, please click here.